10 Best Moments of ‘The Eric Andre Show’

Grossed out in a good way.

Being a dick can be funny, sometimes. Eric Andre seems to understand what makes people tick and what makes people laugh. Now in its fourth season on Adult Swim, The Eric Andre Show is more annoying, funny, and wild than ever.

There’s something so bitter and sweet about his humor. This mock late-night show (the one where co-host Hannibal Buress doesn’t even get a chair) is always completely absurdly funny. And stupid. And worthy of your time.

Because sometimes nothing means everything.

10. When Seth Rogen admits that he doesn’t piss on his wife:


9. When Kraft Punk spreads cheese germs on Howie Mandel:


8. When Hannibal Buress looks for lice in Jimmy Kimmel’s hair:


7. When Pauly D gets a dose of Eric Andre’s dick + sweating:


6. When Ryan Phillippe is actually trolled and maybe pissed:


5. When a man in the desk scares the shit out of Jack McBrayer:


4. When Tyler the Creator broke shit:


3. When Wiz Khalifa was a high Wiz Khalifa:


2. When rappers play Rapper Warrior Ninja:


1. When Erik Andre makes Lauren Conrad puke:

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