5 (Maybe Weird) Yoga Classes to Free Your Mind

Yoga is for everyone, even weirdos.

Basic yoga might just be too basic for you. Perhaps that’s why you’ve never gotten into your flow. Try these totally wacky yoga classes that might actually lead you down a path of sanity and spiritual guidance, or whatever.

1. Sound Off Yoga

This class is basically a silent disco (which is also not for cool people), except you’re doing yoga and listening to slow jamz and the instructor right in your ear. It’s been compared to feeling like you’re in a deprivation tank, as you might feel like no one is around. Apparently Sound Off Yoga (started in Hong Kong) is really catching on. And, these special headphones (designed by the actual silent disco guy) don’t slip off your head via sweat or handstand.

Image via HotPod Yoga

2. HotPod Yoga

It’s a 45-minute (free!) class based in the UK, but there’s a catch: You’ll vinyasa yourself inside of an inflatable pod that looks like a kids’ bounce house at 98 degrees. But the pod itself promises to transport you to another world, one that is shut off completely from the outside scary world. I guess you’ll feel completely renewed.

Image via Horseback Yoga

3. Horseback Yoga

So riding horses is cool. Imagine using a strong horse as a yoga prop. It sounds crazy (because it is), but it seems forward-folding next to a horse, and then downward dogging on his back, brings out inner tranquility. The three-hour workshop will bring you oh so much closer to your furry friend. The class claims to tackle communication with (and without) horses.

4. Tantrum Yoga

This is regular yoga + screaming, kicking, stomping, shouting, crying, and jumping tantrums. The idea is that you’ll bring out your childlike anger and address your adult issues by screaming and kicking. Next, you’ll calm yourself with a mellow yoga flow. Look, this really works for adult people. They claim to feel euphoric after throwing a fucking fit.

Image via Lululemon

5. Naked Yoga

Topless yoga and coed naked yoga is for freed titties. It’s readily available for those who hate clothes. Apparently, people enjoy the freedom of breaking some boring nudity laws and sweating in the buff. Complaints from dissatisfied participants include: Hard nipples, sweating vaginas, saggy balls, buttholes, and smells.

Crissy Van Meter is the managing editor at Nouvella Books and the founding editor of Five Quarterly. Her writing has appeared in VICE, Catapult, Guernica, Bustle, ESPN, The Hairpin, Golly, VIDA, and more. Her debut novel is forthcoming from Algonquin Books.
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