Nate Walton Reveals Hidden Bodies in 18 Photos

Nate Walton’s photos speak for themselves, and that seems to be the artist’s intention. According to the Internet: Nate Walton is a Los Angeles resident who has been taking photographs for less than five years. His favorite photographers are old. He fixates on objects or ideas and shoots them until he fixates on something new, returning often to a fixation upon naked people. He has taken many pictures of books. He has taken many pictures of clothes produced by Ralph Lauren under the Polo brand.

Some of the Internet assertions concerning Nate Walton bear checking. Other facts—such as that he has shot for Playboy, and his work has been collected in books, including Out of Body and Simple Future Past Perfect—are readily established.

But Walton’s business isn’t in verifying or denying any of the floating data around him.

His role is to take more shots, to focus on the next fixation, and you can see how that fills out on his Instagram and Tumblr.

The Skeeve: How are people finding out about your photos?

Nate Walton: Via phones and computers.

The Skeeve: What are the last three places you’ve lived and why did you move?

Nate Walton: Echo Park, Highland Park, Chinatown. 

The Skeeve: Why photography?

Nate Walton: Because I can’t paint for shit.

The Skeeve: What’s the role of trust between you and the people you shoot?

Nate Walton: Trust is earned, just like anywhere else.

The Skeeve: How much more famous could you stand to be?

Nate Walton: If you think I’m even remotely famous, you are confused.

All photos copyright Nate Walton.

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