Zhamak Fullad’s Future Shock in 18 High-Volt Photos

Vancouver, Canada, is a port city. Being a port city means that Vancouver has a history of cultures overlapping and melding and living distinctly separate from one another. In a port city, far-flung influences aren’t just narrative threads of the place’s history; they are trails to the future.

Zhamak Fullad is one of the people blazing those paths. Originally from Iran, in her early 20s, Fullad has been taking photos for a decade. Her eye is bold, and her focus defies expectation. Spend some time looking through the lens of Zhamak the Cat. First of all, you may have been expecting a dude behind the camera, correct?

Well, as previously stated, there’s a new future shaping up in a port city, where influences thread together from every point of view that passes through the place.

The Skeeve: What’s great about Vancouver?

Zhamak Fullad: The Nature.

The Skeeve: How do you keep pace with the party life and still get things done?

Zhamak Fullad: There’s always a balance; you have to find the middle ground. I also don’t really party either.

The Skeeve: Why photography?

Zhamak Fullad: Everyone has a way of expressing themselves, and photography is my way of showing my emotions to everyone. If I’m a chronic liar in real life, I could never lie with my photos.

The Skeeve: What’s different about shooting friends vs people you’ve just met vs strangers?

Zhamak Fullad: It really does not matter for me if I just met someone or they’re already my friend. Basically, after the shoot we become closer anyway.

The Skeeve: How is your perspective global, and how is it Canadian?

Zhamak Fullad: I don’t think my perspective is necessarily Canadian. I travel lots, and I never feel like I belong anywhere; so it makes my work more versatile and global in my opinion.

All photos copyright Zhamak Fullad.

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