7 Must Have Things You Can Actually Buy for $200 Million Each

Spending this much is as easy as it sounds.

Does it seem like a lot to spend a couple thousand dollars on shoes or a bag? How about spending a couple hundred thousand on a car? Maybe you’re into million-dollar yachts or you collect Michael Jackson zoo animals. Whatever your pleasure, it probably doesn’t run you $200 million, right?

Shockingly, there aren’t many things that actually cost this much money. Well, except for a few things that you might want to add to your wishlist…

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1. Prime Santa Barbara Coastline

For $200 million you can buy 4 miles of untouched, beautiful, and rugged Santa Barbara coastline. But there’s a catch; you can’t develop it. Instead, the seller insists that you’re a real conservationist. And by no real surprise, the realtor says that the market is small and looking for a specific buyer who will not fuck it all up.

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2. 29-Bedroom Hamptons Mansion

For $200 million you can buy America’s largest mansion in the lovely Hamptons. Well, if only metals billionaire Ira Rennert was actually selling it. Still, if it ever hits the market, it might just be what you’re after: 43,031 square feet and 29 bedrooms. Ocean views, obviously.

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3. Tea Pot

Stop fucking around with a shitty tea pot. For $200 million you can bid on the most luxurious China collection (maybe) ever. Full of fancy tea pots and other cool shit, the collection “includes a Chinese tea bowl dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279) as well as more recent pieces from Fabergé and Tiffany & Co.,” according to CNN. The stuff hits a London auction real soon with bidding starting at $200 million.

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4. Private Island

You can buy an island for a couple million, and you can enjoy it peacefully with your mistress, or you can be a real baller and for $200 million you can develop an island to party/make bank. That’s just what MSC Cruises plans to do with its new Bahamian island. The cruiseline says that its island will have, “Bahamian-style architecture; several restaurants, bars and shops; an arrival center with gazebo; a 2,000-seat amphitheater; and six beach areas.” Tight.

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5. Pogue Coin Collection

If you’re into coins, the kind that are worth $200 million to collect, you might enjoy the very first American coins. Forbes says that in “1792 Washington gave 58 ounces of silver bullion to a Philadelphia sawmaker named John Harper, who pressed the nation’s first currency: 1,500 “half dismes,” stamped with the head of Miss Liberty, bearing a value of five cents apiece.” Some asshole bought these in 2015.

Photo via The Agency

6. The Playboy Mansion

The Agency Realty Group in L.A. (you know, the guy from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) has listed the infamous Playboy Mansion for $200 million. But if you want it, you’ve got to wait for Hugh Hefner to croak in that Holmby Hills paradise. Be sure to keep the grotto.

Photo via Ferrari

7. 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

People really, really love their cars, just ask Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld, or anyone ever who has ever had a nice car. This car, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, has an extensive history of racing and rich owners. It was flipped and sold in 2014 for $200 million at Monterey Car Week. If you’re looking to drop loot, hit that car show up every year. There’s no shortage of outbidding and paying extra for purring engines.

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