We all feel the skeeve. It’s that unease creeping through the now. We can’t quite shake a premonition that ethical bankruptcy is about to foreclose all around us. We’re deep into a season of disquiet, and the bad weather is here to stay.

We live in something beyond interesting times. The newsfeeds are flows of alarm and atrocity. We drive home from work on streets lined with the discarded, the disenfranchised, dismissed humans who have given up on desperation. This is a time of sickened fascination. The lid is off the cauldron. The steaming mess inside won’t be unseen.

How to deal with the pre-spun untruth? The environmental spiral? The societal sinkhole? For starters, heed the advice of Richard Burton’s Vic Dakin from the 1971 film Villain: “Don’t be a berk all your life.”

The Skeeve’s mission is to defy the malaise and to stand apart from the morass. Do not be worn down or sucked in. Never capitulate to the brute force and foul charisma of rank boors. Refuse to be complicit in your own undoing.

The site is called The Skeeve in recognition of the pervading disquiet we all will be navigating from here on out. The Skeeve is a compendium of words and images that revel in or kick against that disquiet.

Whatever it takes to keep the encroaching vertigo at bay, tell it to The Skeeve.

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