For a Better World, Kick all the Good People off Social Media

If it works for Upworthy, down vote it.

As far as British boy bands go, McFly is one I only know exists because one of its boys, Tom Fletcher, is like one of those guys who says “we are having a baby,” when, in fact, he is not pregnant at all.

Fletcher is such a master of gender appropriation that he has upstaged his pregnant wife, Giovanna, twice in time-lapse videos that reduce her swelling, baby-cradling belly to a human prop supporting Tom Fletcher’s need to hog the limelight—in one instance with a guitar and a fey ditty, and in another by climbing into a baby’s crib and clutching an infant.

A common adjective people hurl at Tom Fletcher’s narcissistic display of patriarchy on parade is “adorable.”

On the other hand, Mrs. Kim Kardashian West, who is known to me as if I had been born with her extended family tree implanted in my brain, posts two pictures of her God-given bountiful mortal shell on Instagram, and reactions vary from mockery to murderous.

From the lowbrow masses: “You have to delete this” “Cover your body for God’s sake” “Hope Kanye beat u up”

From the realm of the stars: Bette Midler, Piers Morgan, and Chloe Grace Moretz all fired off social media bursts belittling Mrs. West’s naked grab for media attention.

It goes without saying; so I will say it anyway: The disparaging remarks from Midler, Morgan, and Moretz, delivered on various public platforms, were basically grabs for media attention, cloaked in a self-defined sense of superior propriety.

I have often suspected there is something wrong with the world we live in, and now I know what it is: People are just too goddamn good.

Does that diagnosis seem too cynical to be true? Then take a refresher dip in Tom Fletcher’s McFly douche dad fuckery, right here:

A little less goodness would go a long way.

Thanks to Kindland for the repost.

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