As the lead singer, chief composer and otherworldly charisma source of the band Giant Drag, Annie Hardy was a cult figure, a mysterious presence, an aura attached to an enigma.

And then some things happened. She is something altogether altered now.

You start talking to her, and you think: Here’s a conversation you won’t have every day.

Annie Hardy has 28 releases available for purchase on her Bandcamp page. The Giant Drag album “Waking Up Is Hard to Do” is highly recommended as a good place to start buying.

Annie visits Skeeveland. She takes a prick of blood. She deems all those around her angels, and then she is gone.

Allan MacDonell Administrator
Director of Skeeve Allan MacDonell is the author of ‘Prisoner of X’, ‘Punk Elegies’ and ‘Now That I Am Gone.’
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