If You Have Nothing Nice to Say, and You Say It Very Well, Bring It to The Skeeve:

The Skeeve is here for a good time in a bad circumstance. The Skeeve is looking for clear views through murky currents. The Skeeve is a place to wipe away the smarm, twist back the spin, unmask the branding, take the piss out of the sales pitches. If you do some or all of this in your stories, reported features, essays, interviews, photos, videos, art or comics, please share your work here.

Any topic is open for skeeving. If being funny is your tool for calculating saving graces in this rigged game, then be funny. If you prefer to pick a fight, provoke away.

No word limits. No style guidelines. No dogma to follow.

Just don’t be a sap. Don’t be a liar. Don’t be a leader.

Send your Skeeve gems as attachments and pasted as body copy in the form below. Include your full name, a working phone number and/or a current email address.

The Skeeve accepts original work only and tries to respond to every submission.

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